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How to start your own VENDING MACHINE BUSINESS

In this book (HOW TO START VENDING BUSINESS), You will find all the points efficient, easy to maintain, high-profit machines. You will learn what factors influence the profitability of a location. What you need to get started: a list of the most common start-up costs and what to look for in the engine inventory used. Tips on how to sell your machine for the top dollar and avoid certain traps in selling your business.


"This Book Changed My Life!"

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Delivery was fast and product was well packaged. This is an unbiased and comprehensive guide on how to start a profitable and rewarding vending machine business. Throughout the pages of this book you will find many hints and tips we learned with our own vending business.


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 I tried to find a book about starting a vending business that wasn’t just about the mechanics of buying machines. I also wanted information about how to promote the business when there’s so much competition from similar products. This book was perfect! It includes detailed advice on what types of machines are best for local businesses, how to buy them and make them profitable. Plus it covers ways to market your business with smart market planning.


About the Author
"Eric Hardyway, is a brilliant entrepreneur."

Hi! My name is Eric Hardyway I was born Wichita Ks. I’ve been and vending machine business for 2 years. I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward. 

My first year of vending I only had one machine. Then for my 2nd year I had decided to purchase a route. So with a route you actually get machine and the location. Go ahead and purchase the Ebook it’s gone provide you with all Gems on how to run a successful vending business.

Advantages of the Selling machine

Ability to Easily Change Your Product Selections

Advantages of the selling machine

This book provides information about managing the seller’s business as you want. This will guide you about the setting of all the facilities needed to run this business successfully. It provides information based on my experience and is written in narrative format (informative style) keeping easy to follow. It also includes case studies from different cases related to sellers. This book is suitable for individuals, entrepreneurs, and people who want to run this business as part of their current work or small business.

top dollar and avoid certain traps in selling your business.



"This Book Changed My Life!"

See What Others Are Saying About The Brand New Book

"Changed My Business!"

This is a great book for anyone who is interested in starting a small vending business. It has pages full of helpful and useful information which would be very useful to someone who wants to start a vending company. Even if you have no plan of starting one in the near future, it will be certainly worthwhile reading this guide and remembering everything you’ll learn. This book covers all the essential things you need to know whether you want to start your own coin-operated devices business or operate an existing one.

Thank You Eric


"Changed My Business!"

I choose this rating because I started out with just an idea of wanting to do the business but had no one to guide me through this type of business process. There are not many books to choose from on the subject.  I must say, I AGREE that this book is an easy read, right to the point, full of information and in such a small book. I was finished in a day. I have followed his advice so far and so far so good. I would definitely advised this book to anyone who is looking to start out with either snack or bulk vending business.

Thanks Eric Hardyway


"Changed My Business!"

How to Start a Vending Business is the single best resource for people trying to start a vending business. It takes you step by step on how to start a successful vending business. It contains key information for those just getting started and for those that are already in the business and want to grow their operation. This is the first book of its kind. There are no other books like this out there. Everything you need to know is included in this one single book, everything from what to do before you get started, how to find locations, what you should charge, how much items cost, all the way to keeping it running after it’s up and running plus more.

Kudos to the Author, This Book really Changed my Business.


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Inside of this Book, Here Are A Few of the Secrets that You'll Discover...

Chapter 1.1: How does a Vending Machine work

A vending machine is essentially an automated shop… Each item in a vending machine has its own selection number or corresponding button.

Chapter1.2: Steps to start a successful vending machine business.

Before jumping into running a vending machine business, you should make sure that there is a viable chance to succeed

Chapter 1.3: Advantages of the selling machine

Low start-up costs – machines can usually be financed. Aside from a computer, printer, and phone to manage your business and a vehicle to maintain your route, you probably don’t need any other equipment

Chapter 1.4: Three ways to get started

Start your own vending machine business Whichever method you choose; you should discuss legal matters with a lawyer and financial and tax matters with an auditor or tax advisor

Chapter 1.5: Types of Vending Machine


Chapter 1.6: Starting a vending machine is not that simple. It requires research and market

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Reasons: It helps when analyzing your options, keep in mind that higher priced sales items do not always generate the best returns.

It helps to reduce your investment costs, you can consider buying used machines or leasing machines


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